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Hidden Strike: American Revolution




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Product Description

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Hidden Strike: American Revolution recreates the struggle between the American colonists and the British forces during the War of Independence. Each side tries to win the war by controlling a majority of regions.

Confronted by overwhelming forces, the colonists will need strategy to defeat the larger British army and navy to gain their Independence. This is a card driven game, where players manage their hand of cards, usually playing just one card a turn to allow them to move tokens representing military forces across the board into key spaces at key times.

The game can be played in five different modes: 


This mode is a good starting point if you are trying to learn the game by yourself after reading through the general rules.  You play as the American side while your opponent is a British BOT.

Basic mode: Select Alexander Hamilton for your Founding Father Ability.

Founding Father Ability: After winning a region you may immediately play another card from your hand, then draw back as usual.

Hardcore mode: Confront the British forces without the help of a Founding Father.


A fierce head-to-head contest in which one player pitches the British forces against the other player’s American troops. A player who runs out of cards before all regions are resolved automatically loses the game.


In the cooperative mode all players must work together to defeat a strong British BOT.


In the Traitor Mode 3-5 American players work together to defeat a strong British BOT and among the American players is a secret Traitor.

The loyalty deck is used to determine a traitor. A player who draws the traitor card acts as the traitor by attempting to subvert the plans of the other American players – as overtly or covertly as they wishes. The traitor's goal is to end the game with a British victory.


Use the unique "Sons of Liberty" cards in your hand to overthrow the monarchy!

All Sons of Liberty share the following abilities: 1. When deploying a Scout look at the British player’s hand. You may select one of the cards and place it at the bottom of the British draw deck. The British player may not draw up until the end of her next turn. 2. When resolving a region add one Loyal card to the Loyalty deck.


Game Components:




  • LOYALTY cards

  • RESERVE cards

  • Region Control Flag cards

  • 86+ Wooden Game Units and Markers

  • Mounted Game Board

  • Rulebook

  • Battle Archive



Each named region is highlighted with a key city graphically. American and British units contest for control of the regions.  With limited force pools available to each side players must decide when and where to use their regulars. 

There are six regions in the game, control four or more and win the game. Move units from force pools to engage the enemy in contested regions. Battle in land and sea as you seek to freedom from the British monarch. Americans can lay siege in region with the play of a siege card, requiring more British troops in the region for a chance to win.


Troops Cards: These cards allow you to move troop tokens on the board. Only troops deployed in a region add towards that region's total. Example: Allied Troops have a point value of 2. If deployed in a region they add 2 points to the American total in that region.

Fleets Cards: These cards allow you to deploy Fleets. Fleets do not count towards a region total but have the ability to create or counter blockades.

Zero Point Cards: These cards do not automatically deploy a fleet or troop but instead give you the ability to interact with the tokens on the board in another manner like removing a Grenadier or promoting troops. Most of these cards have a secondary ability to deploy a generic Minutemen instead. Note that the amount of Minutemen available is limited so using the secondary function too often may exhaust your supply of Minutemen.

Some cards have additional “powers” referred to as abilities.


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