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DTP (Desk Top Published)

Bushido Denied : Bataan and Corrigedor

BATAAN AND CORRIGEDOR Bushido Denied is a wargame of the WWII campaig

Base price: £14.95
Final price: £10.95
27% discount!


Part of Excalibre’s PANZER BATTLES AND SIEGE SERIES (PBSS). Partly-p

Base price: £14.95
Final price: £12.95
13% discount!


In this game, the Allied player is attempting to break the Gustav Line

Base price: £15.95
Final price: £10.95
31% discount!

Final price: £7.95

Defiance : The Battle of Cufra, 1931

The Battle for Cufra, the Italian conquest of Libya. Counters need ass

Final price: £12.95

En Point Toujours (Always on Point)

French paratroopers in Indochina. The game from Vae Victus #16. Very g

Final price: £9.95

EoA Intro : Assault on Belgium

An introduction to the EoA sustem covering the invasion of Belgium 1n

Final price: £4.95

Highlander (BSO Games)

Battles of Culloden and Prestonpans, 1745

Base price: £39.95
Final price: £34.95
13% discount!

Naseby: The End of a Reign (TCS)

This one is a game on the last battle of the English Civil War fought

Final price: £14.95

One Bullet, One German: The Uprising and Battles East of Warsaw, Aug-Sept. 1944 (Firefight Games)

The Uprising and Battles East of Warsaw, Aug-Sept. 1944 Excellent cond

Final price: £12.95

Resistance is not Futile: The Warsaw Ghetto Uprising (Firefight Games)

Covers the Insurrection of the Warsaw Ghetto in April 1943

Final price: £11.95

Slim River (Perry Moore)

On January 7, the British 12th Brigade, which had been hammered back f

Final price: £9.95

The Fall of Tobruk (Cool Stuff Unlimited)

"The Fall of Tobruk" is a wargame simulation of Rommel's May- June 194

Base price: £29.95
Final price: £27.95
7% discount!

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