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Hazardous Movement Scenario Pack 1: A World at War

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Product Description

Theme:      WW2      Magazines and Books      ASL     


Hazmo's debut scenario pack, "A World at War," consists of 10 scenarios compatible with the Advanced Squad Leader (TM) game system. A description of each scenario is detailed on the image of the back cover above. A wide variety of combatants (including - but not limited to - Russians, Germans, SS, Free French, British, Italians, Japanese and Chinese) and terrain types (including city, bocage, countryside, hill and village) will challenge even seasoned players' skills, while the high fun and replay potential of each scenario will provide you with unmatched value for your purchase. 


Here is the detailed list of scenarios :

HazMo 1 Born Again vs. 7.5 turns

Ortona, Italy, 21 December 1943 : German paratroopers struggle to hold the town of Ortona against a determined assault. Hitler orders that Ortona be defended to the last man. For the men of the Canadian 1st Infantry Division, this battle would mark a second baptism of fire…

HazMo 2 Crown of Thorns vs. 7.5 turns

Ostrov, USSR, 6 July 1941 : The 6th Panzer Division attempts to breach the pillboxes and barbed wire of the Stalin Line…

HazMo 3 Seaside Retreat vs. 8.5 turns

Toulon, France, 20 August 1944 : The 1st Free French Division makes a bid to liberate the French city of Toulon from 4 years of German occupation…

HazMo 4 Kids These Days vs. 11 turns

Cristot, France, 11 June 1944 : On D-Day +5, the fanatic teenage warriors of the SS Hitler Youth Division ambush British forces attempting to expand the beachhead…

HazMo 5 The Blood of Lambs vs. 9 turns

Raseiniai, Lithuania, 23 June 1941 : With the Soviet High Command in disarray at the opening of Operation BARBAROSSA, local Red Army commanders commit to an almost suicidal stand…

HazMo 6 Great Vengeance vs. 7.5 turns

Nuland, The Netherlands, October 22, 1944 : In the wake of the failure of Operation MARKET GARDEN, the Allied High Command launches Operation PHEASANT, the liberation of southern Holland. As part of the effort, the 53rd Welsh Division storms the town of Nuland, with fearsome British flamethrowing Crocodile tanks in support…

HazMo 7 Left Behind vs. 7 turns

Dubysa Bridgehead, Lithuania, 24 June 1941 : Soviet High Command orders the 3rd Soviet Mechanized Corps to crush the bridgeheads established by Kampfgruppe von Seckendorff. With no anti-tank weaponry at their disposal, and no reinforcements on their way, German units must nonetheless find a way to hold their positions against Russian KVs…

HazMo 8 The Devil’s Descendants Italians vs. 10 turns

Ponte Grande, Sicily, 9 July 1943 : The British Red Devils conduct a daring glider assault in an attempt to seize a critically important bridge…

HazMo 9 Cloak and Dagger vs. 8.5 turns

Aubagne, France, 21 August 1944 : The 2nd Groupe de Tabors Marocains, composed largely of Moroccan soldiers wearing their traditional djellabas and carrying “vicious-looking knives,” are ordered to capture and hold the highway triangle at Aubagne-Gemenos-Couin. The veteran German 244th Infantry Division, however, is in no mood for retreat…

HazMo 10 Fresh Grist vs. 7 turns


Luodian (Shanghai), China, 11 September 1937 : In a battle that would soon be dubbed “the grinding mill of flesh and blood,” Chiang Kai Shek commits hundreds of thousands of Chinese troops to the desperate defense of Luodian…

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