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Fire & Movement

Number: 9

Price £16.95
Game Series

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Theme:      Magazines and Books     

Good condition, signs of shelf-wear from long term storage (minor foxing/grubbiness, staple rust, light creasing).
Cover intact and perfectly legible.

#09 - Squad Leader
The Image of Battles - article, K.Zucker
Thirty Years War quad (SPI) - R.Chelper
First World War module (SPI) - M.Saha
Fury in the West (BL) - A.Bisasky
Fulda Gap (SPI) - R.Lowe
Squad Leader (AH) - R.Lowe
Modern Battles II (SPI) - P.Kosnett
Pearl Harbor (GDW) - J.Prados
Conquerors, The (SPI) - R.DeBaun
player's notes:
Victory in the Pacific (AH) - J.Greene
Koniggratz 1866 (S&G) - B.Haggart
Ogre (Meta) - J.Reese
Wehrmacht (Fusil) - F.Helfferich
Pharsalus (GDW) - B.Ellerbroek
Troy (Chaos) - B.Haggart
Field Marshal (Jedko) - A.Nick

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