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Eureka Stockade (Box Misprint)




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Eureka Stockade Map

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NEW IN SHRINK COPY, box misprinted down spine, replacement box included.


Just before dawn on Sunday, December 3rd 1854, troops from both the British regiments stationed in the colony of Victoria*, supported by colonial police, stormed the miner's stockade at Eureka in the Ballarat Goldfields.

Although the miners were primarily protesting against often brutal policing efforts, several similar though smaller scale acts of defiance in recent years coupled with the general breakdown of the existing social hierarchy had all of the colonial governments on edge.

Governor Hotham reported back to England:

“if the battle was lost at Ballarat then the colony of Victoria was lost to British Sovereignty”.

This battle is the closest Australia has ever come to civil war. The depth of popular resentment against the Victorian colonial government generally and its heavy handed actions at Eureka was demonstrated when the juries in both trials refused to return a guilty verdict.
Eureka Stockade is a small scale, fairly tactical game of the actual government assault on the stockade with most units representing about a dozen men. besides the historical scenario, there are scenarios depicting a typical (and thus stronger) miners force and Hotham's* nightmare featuring a continuous trickle of miners reinforcing the stockade
* Australia was still 6 separate colonies at this time
* Sir Charles Hotham was the governor of the Colony

* One 8 page rulebook
* 22x17 inch map representing the area around the stockade.
* One charts sheet
* 1 set of 88 single sided counters shows the forces controlled by each player and markers.

Note: There are both pictorial and symbol versions of the counters in the pdf version
Complexity: Low
Solitaire suitability: High 
Time to play: approximately 1 hour
Map scale: 60 meter hexes
Unit size: 10-20 men
Turn length: 5 minutes

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