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Modern Battles II - Crisis in the Mid East (Kaliningrad & Mosul) - Issue #27




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Theme:      Post WW2      Magazines and Books     

Modern Battles II - Crisis in the Mid East (Kaliningrad & Mosul) is a grand tactical simulation of battles that were or could possibly be fought in the era since the fall of the Berlin Wall and into the near future.

Players control actual and hypothetical combat units utilizing a wide range of technologies and forces to gain objectives.

Modern Batles II includes two games: Kaliningrad, covering a hypothetical Russian clash with NATO forces at the Russian Baltic Fleet forward base, and Mosul, a clash between ISIS and Coalition forces in Iraq.

There are two players in each game, commanding opposing forces. Both games use a main body of shared rules, and each also has its own scenario special instructions.

Components: One 22" x 34" map & 280 counters

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