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Semper Fi : Korea

Number: 10




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Product Description

Theme:      Post WW2      Pre-Owned      Partly Punched     

Excellent part-punched copy, content is in great condition punched counters are bagged, box has minor ware to it.

Semper Fi! - The US Marines in Korea, 1950, is game 10 in the Tactical Combat Series (TCS) by The Gamers

It depicts four actions fought by US Marines during their first five months in Korea, focusing on their counterattacks against the North Korean 4th and 6th Divisions at the Pusan Perimeter and their later epic stand against the Chinese IX Army Group near the Chosin Reservoir in North Korea.

Game Scale:
Turn: 20 minutes
Hex: 125 yards / 114 meters
Units: Infantry platoons, individual vehicles

Game Inventory:
Four full-color mapsheets (1- 22 x 17", 1- 11 x 17", 2- 8.5 x 11")
Three dual-side printed countersheets (2 combat, 1 markers - 700 1/2" counters)
One 28-page TCS version 3.1 system rulebook
One 32-page Semper Fi! game specific rulebook
Two 4-page TCS version 3.1 Charts & Tables folders
Three Player Aid cards
Two 6-sided dice

Solitaire Playability: Medium-High
Complexity Level: High
Players: 1 or more
Playing Time: 6-20 hours

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