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Rally Point: ASL Scenario Pack - Special Study I of the Korean War

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Rally Point Volume 15: Special Study I of the Korean War is intended to compliment the newly released ASL Module 15, Forgotten War Korea 1950-1953. It includes 10 all new scenarios that are the first in a series featuring actions in the Korean War. This issue focuses on daylight scenarios set in the first months of the war from June through October 1950, before Chinese intervention. Each scenario was handmade by the Tampa ASL Group’s fine craftsmen and is presented in the Schwerpunkt easy-to-read format on high-quality card stock. If you have not yet played a Korean War scenario, this is your chance to experience Korea in a fun and easy way.

RPT141 Volunteers Became Scarce – KORANGP’O-RI, South Korea, 25 June 1950: On the first day of the war, elements of the North Korean 1st Division (supported by six T-34/85s) is attacking to clear the South Korean 13th Regiment from the villages on boards 48 and 62. Mike Augustine designed this medium-sized 5.5 turn scenario featuring South Korean Human Bullet Heroes that make this an exciting scenario with plenty of movement and tense action.

RPT142 Commander for a Day – CH’ONAN, Korea, 7 July 1950: Colonel Robert M. Martin has just taken command of the battered American 34th Infantry Regiment, 24th Infantry Division (equipped with obsolete bazookas) and must conduct a desperate defense of the village on board 71 against the KPA 4th Division’s 6-2-8s and 4-4-7s with two T-34/85s in this 4.5 turn tournament-level scenario set on board 71.

RPT143 Rebel’s Roost – South of CHONUI, South Korea, 10 July 1950: This scenario depicts the first tank-verses-tank action during the Korean War. Here, the 21st Infantry Regiment along with M-24 Chaffee tanks, counterattacks across board 61 to clear the KPA 18th Regiment and two t-34/85s from the hill on board 78 in this 6.5 turn scenario.

RPT144 Got Me a Tank – TAEJON, South Korea, 20 July 1950: Elements of the KPA 5th Infantry Regiment have broken into the center of Taejon with infantry and T-34 tanks. Major General William Dean (commander of the 24th Infantry Division) leads infantry and teams with newly-issued super bazookas to clear enemy infantry and tanks from their stronghold. This 4.5 turn, tournament-level scenario uses boards 22 and 49.

RPT145 Bouncing Check- CHINJU Pass, South Korea, 2 August 1950: Elements of the 25th Infantry Division supported by M4A3E8 tanks are moving to contact when they encounter KPA infantry and 76mm artillery defending a valley road. This 5.5 turn, medium-sized scenario uses boards 81 & 83 and was designed by Mike Augustine.

RPT146 Plum Pudding Hill - East of SONGJU, South Korea, 22 September 1950: In the British Army’s first combat action in Korea, the 1st Middlesex Division is attacking supported by an M-45 tank from the 6th Tank Battalion to clear elements of the KPA 4th Infantry Division from trenches on board 81. This is a fast playing, 4.5 turn, tournament level scenario.

RPT147 Fish to Fry – HILL 105 SOUTH, Seoul, Korea, 25 September 1950: USMC 7-6-8s from the 1st Marine Regiment with supporting M-26A1s, a Sherman Dozer and a Sherman flame tank attack to clear elements KPA 78th Independent Regiment from the hill and villages of boards 3a and 5a. This is a medium-sized, 5.5 turn scenario with lots of movement and tense action caused by hidden AT guns and a Suicide Hero.

RPT148 ROK on a Roll – Near KOJO-DONG, North Korea, 19 October 1950: Brigadier General Paik Sun Yup leads his 1st ROK Division supported by M-46 tanks in an attack to clear the KPA 17th Division from buildings and trenches on boards 17z and 18. KPA mines, hidden AT-guns and SU-76ms make this an exciting, 5.5 turn, tournamax-level scenario with lots of movement and tense action.

RPT149 Rakkasan Ruckus – OP’A-RI, North Korea, 22 October 1950: The American 187th Airborne Regimental Combat Team’s 6-6-7s are conducting a withdraw and a delaying action while the KPA 239th Infantry Regiment attempts to blast them with 120mm mortars and outflank their retreat to new positions on a hill. This 5.5 turn tournament-level scenario requires lots of movement for both sides and is set on boards 2, 58 and 70.

RPT150 Diggers at Congju - CHONGJU, North Korea, 29 October 1950: The 4-5-8s of 3rd Battalion Royal Australian Regiment and American Sherman tanks are conducting a two-pronged attack to clear the KPA 17th Tank Brigade’s dug-in T-34/85s, infantry and an SU-76m from the road and hills of boards 9 and 58. This 5.5 turn tournamax-level scenario has lots of exciting action that will test the tactical ability of both players.


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