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Hamel: 1918 (2nd Ed.)




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Theme:      WW1     

Monash’s masterpiece

Four years of trench warfare and stalemate were almost shattered by the 1918 German Kaiserschlacht campaign. Having survived the German onslaught, the Allies began a series of counterattacks.

For the British Dominions such as Australia, the late war period also marked the creation of national corps under their own generals.

Newly appointed General Monash will use the experience gained in the past four years of bloodshed to plan his first setpiece attack. Although the battle would only last 93 minutes, it pushed the Germans back up to 2km along a front of about 6km.

On the 4th of July the Australian Corps is unleashed in a carefully choreographed combined arms attack to capture the town of Hamel. It also marks the first offensive combat operation of US forces on the Western Front. Four American companies were spread out amongst the Australian Battalions in platoon lots.

The success of this attack set the stage for much larger battles in the following months, notably Amiens.

* 8 page rulebook
* 22x17 map
* 264 full color single sided 5/8” counters
* 1 reference chart
Complexity: below Average
Solitaire suitability: High 
Time to play: approximately 4 hours
Map scale: 190 metre hexes
Unit size: companies
Turn length: 10 minutes

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