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Poland Crushed




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Poland Crushed Map
Poland Crushed Counters 1
Poland Crushed Counters 2

Product Description

Theme:      WW2     

September 1939.

Having spent the plunder gained from taking over Czechoslovakia a year earlier to further build up the Wehrmacht, Hitler decided it was time for the next step in his Lebensraum plan to reshape Europe. With his new round of threats and bluff failing, Hitler has decided that there is no other alternative than to send in the Panzers !
In Poland Crushed the players take on the role of the German or Polish High Command. Since Poland’s survival is unlikely against the combined might of the German and Russian war machines, they are in a race against time. The German victory is judged on their ability to overwhelm Polish resistance before the Soviets move in for their slice.
As well as the historical scenario and numerous variants, players are encouraged to experiment with what was probably Poland’s best historical hope of survival - the Southern Stronghold scenario where the army tries to hold onto the region bordering its friend, Romania.
* 2 11x17" map sheets showing Poland and slivers of all of the neighbouring territories
* 12 page rulebook
* One and a half countersheets totalling 264 single sided 5/8" counters
* one charts and tables sheet
Complexity: Average
Solitaire suitability: moderate 
Time to play: approximately 5 hours
Map scale: 20 mile hexes
Unit size: Brigades and Divisions
Turn length: 2 days

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